Boost your business with

Express delivery.

Fast, Flexible and Economical Delivery

for all your customers.

Opt for quality!

Expand your customer base with a unique, high quality service. You can now transform your points of sale into a network of urban warehouses to offer fast deliveries to all your customers - within an hour, during the day or by appointment.

Gomove business, the solution you need!

24/7 Support

Real-time tracking of deliveries - Multiple pickup and delivery points for the same order - Immediate pickup or scheduled order for a given date and time.

Certified agents and impeccable service

We provide a unique service to your customers with a team certified GMV Gants Blanc 2020. Professional, courteous and reliable deliverers.

Availability and extensive support

We are ready to deliver your order and assist your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don't worry about the day of the week, we always have availability!

Simple pricing

There is no hidden information or hidden extra charges. Transparency is total! You simply pay according to delivery. 

How does it work?

it's simple

  • Download the app
  • Choose the desired mode of transport
  • Consult the estimate and launch the delivery

Same day delivery

Our simple on-demand delivery platform is real. We offer a faster and cheaper solution to a growing market demand for instant deliveries. Forget about waiting 2 weeks for your new couch, download the app and get it today.

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